Cut-Off scores for Human Capital Stream in Ontario PNP

Hi Guys,

I’m new here. Just got done with my IELTS and based on my results (including my spouse’s); my CRS score is 428. This is primarily due to my age (I’m 39). My IELTS score is decent and taking it again may bump the overall score by only a few(3) points. So, I’m not looking to sit for the exam again. Also, I understand that I will not get an ITA with this score. Keeping this in mind, I am looking to apply for the Ontario PNP under Human Capital Stream (HCM)

While the minimum score to qualify for PNP is 400, is there a cut-off score that is known for which they are inviting candidates for the PNP. Some previous posts in the forum have some links that were shared related to this topic, however they do not work anymore. I searched on the OIPNP website but couldn’t find anything that states a score.

Looking for any additional information that someone can share about the OIPNP and its cut-off scores under HCM. I just want to make sure that it makes sense to apply with my score (428).


I am also on same boat. We have very limited PNP discussion in this forum. There are lots of open questions. But no experience mind to answer those :frowning_face:

Hi, when you say you want to ‘apply’ for the PNP stream, are you at a place now with an invitation already? Or are you exploring options for a PNP invite?

You can search through my profile for previous threads around My PNP experience, and more than happy to share any info I can via DM as well.