Data Scientist Work reference latter

Hi all! Can anyone please share a sample duties and responsibilities letter (or reference letter) for NOC 2172? You can remove any confidential information before sending me. I would like to create one for my Express entry application.

I am a Data scientist and the closest NOC that the webpage shows is 2172. However, I see that the duties and responsibilities mentioned for 2172 does not seem relevant to Data scientists. In such a scenario, it makes it difficult to draft the reference letter such that there is at least around 75% overlap.


Hi Rohit,
I am a Data Scientist as well. I applied using NOC 2172. I asked my company to add below points in my reference letter and they did it. It worked for me.

As a Data Scientist, Mr. X is responsible for the following:
• Researching, designing and developing deep learning model architecture to produce
optimum performance for data models.
• Designing and developing AI products using databases to perform, data mining and
building data models by combining machine learning and deep learning techniques.
• Performing data analysis and data mining using data lake (DBMS) to provide
recommendations to other teams on effectively selecting and using data.
• Interacting with stakeholders to gather requirements and generate insights to improve the decision-making process.
• End-to-end data engineering activities like data acquisition, pre-processing and create
effective data pipelines using SQL/DBMS systems.
• Mentoring interns and junior data scientists in the data science team and collaborating
across cross-functional data and product teams to deploy scalable machine learning
• Transforming research models into production ready software solutions and interfacing
with product managers and software architects for deployment of the data product.
• Working extensively with the Data Science stack (pandas, SQL, tensorflow, scikit-learn

I know people who applied using NOC 2173 for Data Scientist as well. They got approved as well.


Thanks a lot for the help @Jairaj1104 !