Day 10 At Home Covid Test

Hi everyone, what is the average time to get your day 10 test results? I have given my test on Wednesday and have still not received the result. My 14 day period ends tomorrow and not sure as to the next steps as I am at an airbnb and reservation ends on Monday.

It was 13th day for us. So, average is 2-3 days. However, it all depends on when it reached the lab and their test volume. Incase, your result doesn’t come, you will be asked to extend your stay at same place(airbnb in your case). You can also try to call or email the lab.

@rndmdude I received mine on the 13th day late in the night. Thanks for the information.

Same issue/situation… I sent an email to:, i didnt get response but results posted. Once they received samples, usually 1-2 days they take. some of my family received in 1 day so i waited for few more hours as there is no results for my other family members i sent an email. then they posted by next day… but they didnt respond to email. hope this helps.