Decision tree along the process


Nice to meet you all. I’m currently on an h1b, and would like to consider PR in Canada as a backup plan. I believe I understand the major steps it takes for becoming a Canadian PR.

My question is: along the process, I would have to make a decision at each step by either moving forward or giving up. What are the consequences if I decided to not move forward at each of the main steps? Would it harm my future re-applying chances? How much would it set you back?

If someone could kindly draw a decision tree, so I could understand the steps better as to what would happen if I decided to give up at any point along the process.

Thank you very much!

I’m assuming you will be applying for PR using the Express Entry process. This process is an invite only process which means you have to be selected from a draw based on your total points. If selected you are invited to continue the process and gain PR.

Your file is kept in the pool for one year during which time there are multiple draws (selections) and you can be picked in any one of those. If say your points do not make the cut and you are not invited for a year then your file drops from the pool and you have to re-apply next year.

I hope this helps you understand that the process and that you can drop out of it at any point. Even after you’ve been selected to continue the application you can choose to not do that and re-apply next year. None of this will affect your future chances as the process is transparent and only based on your points.

If you do not respond to the Invitation to Apply by the deadline shown in your invitation, your invitation will expire and your profile will be removed from the pool. If you would like to be invited to apply again, you will need to create a new IEC profile. If you decline the invitation, your profile will become active again and you may receive another Invitation to Apply in the future.

Consequences as in w.r.t. the Canadian PR application or your USA visa? Canadian PR and USA visa are separate, one does not affect the other directly.
Other than the time, money and effort you will spend for the PR application process, there are no real consequences for giving up at any point. You application will be either canceled, or you will not become a PR, depending on which stage you decide to quit; those are the only two consequences.