Delayed paying the RPRF fee by 5 months

Hello everyone,

My wife and I had applied for PR earlier this year. My wife is the primary applicant and her profile was picked for ITA. We submitted the requested documents along with the PR application fee of $1270 CAD for both of us around Feb 2020. Within a couple of weeks, we received the invitation to setup a biometrics appointment. However, all Canadian consulates near our location were closed due to the pandemic due to which we could not setup an appointment for a while. Eventually we lost track of the progress with the application.

In April 2020, our account was updated with a request letter to pay the RPRF fee within a week (by Apr 24 2020) or risk the possibility of the application being rejected. Unfortunately, we never received the notification of this request and did not learn about this until today. Our application is still active with a status that says ‘action required’ with the pending action item to be the RPRF fee payment confirmation. And we also learnt that the consulates have opened for biometrics appointment.

Should we make the fee payment and submit it within our application right now or is too late? Is there a high probability that our PR application will be rejected? We have booked our biometrics appointment as the slots have opened up and it is scheduled to be this Thursday. We are not sure if we will have an update from IRCC on our application status by then or if we will be straightaway sent back during our biometrics appointment. Is there any additional steps we could take to avoid a rejection? I would really appreciate any help in this matter.

Thank you!