Dentist, Work Experience

Hello. Guys.
I’m a dentist from Egypt. I have 2 questions.

  1. Dentistry is a Regulated job in Canada so I have to get Accredited from the NDEB once I am in Canada in order to practice “which is basically taking some exams or studying in a Canadian University for 2 years”.
    So does CIC requires me to get Accredited first before applying to Express Entry. Or will WES ECA be fine? Then once I’m in Canada go through accreditation process?

  2. Regarding my work experience I’m employed at the Ministry of health of Egypt. So the letter they provide will list the date of hiring and that I’m working as a dentist. It won’t list duties, salary or anything like that. Also since it’s a public work there won’t be any email, phone or supervisor contact details since it’s a public establishment.

Also there are no payslips there is a hand written stamped paper that has the breakdown of the salary since it’s the same every month.

Will that work as a reference letter?