Dependents Eligibility For Express Entry


Hi Folks,

What is process of applying PR for dependents (Wife & Children). Can we apply along with primary applicant or any other process.


Yes you must apply all together with either you or your spouse as the principal applicant based on who can get more points. Additionally the non principal spouse can help get more points by taking the IELTS exam and getting their degrees certified.


but does it not matter what type of work experience your spouse has?
if he or she got higher CRS score but does not have much experience or has experience in a field like sales or teaching instead of mainstream IT or managerial jobs, then still can we list spouse as Primary Applicant?



One way to approach this is use the CIC CRS calculator to see what score you get with you as the principal applicant and then with your wife as the principal. This is only needed if you are not sure who can get more points. For example if your wife has a PHD with years of experience and you have a bachelors with only a couple years of experience then obviously she should be principal.

It does not matter what kinda of work experience the other applicants on the application have since only the principal applicant chooses a NOC number and then has to show years of experience against it to get points. The non principal spouse does not get any points for foreign work experience only for Canadian work experience.