Did anyone receive requests for PPR from Los Angeles Office?


I called the agent and they say the file is at Los angeles Office…I havenot seen anyone talking about receiving any communication from LA office.Does anyone know why the application gets sent there?

Does anyone know how to contact them.

Yes, I received a message to submit my passport to LA address. I’m not sure why they ask you to send the documents there, but I know a person who sent his passport to LA office, so it’s legit.

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The web form has an option to choose which office to contact, if you select outside Canada, you will see LA office

Did you get your passports stamped back

Did you get your passports back?

USPS shows it will be delivered today. Waiting…

Yes we received our passport request from the LA office. We sent the passports and received them back with COPR and Visa stamp within 2 weeks.