Did not upload ECA for Masters


Thanks Sid. That’s a bit of relief for me.


For everyone’s reference, read comments from user aj355 -


Number for calling from outside Canada is +1 613 944 4000


Thanks @mrandmrssolapurkar . This number doesn’t work. I tried yesterday but it said, “the toll free number doesn’t entertain numbers outside Canada” something on these lines.


Well lets hope you’re right and I am wrong.


@avj Did they update your address? I know they never responded to you via email!


No idea. I never checked and they never said there was any problem.


thanks you @avj


An updated for everyone’s benefit - What I did, worked for me. Got PPR today. Its fine to add both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Education History section as long as you select ‘No’ for ECA under Bachelor’s and ‘Yes’ in Master’s and provide the WES Ref #.


Congratulation Sid. Happy for you!


Can u please help me know if there is any issue if we don’t list the bachelors degree in the education history list post ita and also not mention it at all in the personal history activity section as it’s not even in the past 10yrs time frame.

ECA is only done for masters by us. So can we all together omit the bachelors