Did not upload ECA for Masters


I did not upload WES ECA in my post ITA PR application (I have uploaded my degree certificates along with my transcripts). I have perhaps entered the WES number in the Education History section against my Masters degree.

Did I miss something?

Can anyone advice?

@mrandmrs @vignesh.pr @avj and others

You have entered WES number in the express entry profile else it wouldn’t have let you submit. So they have access to your full ECA report.

This link says

You must include your assessment results and reference number in your Express Entry profile.

Doesn’t explicitly say you need to upload a scanned copy so I think it should be OK.

Thanks @avj . Also in the Education History post ITA, I have entered ,

  1. senior seconday degree (checked No for ECA Evaluation)
  2. Bachelors degree (checked No for ECA Evaluation)
  3. Masters degree (checked Yes for ECA evaluation and entered WES Reference number)

Pre ITA during express entry profile creation, I had only mentioned my Masters Degree and claimed points for that by entering my WES reference number.

Was It ok to enter my complete education details in the Education history section Post ITA and checking No for ECA for senior secondary and bachelors and Yes for Masters.

I was being truthful!

My gut feeling is you should have added the education history in the personal history section. The fact that they asked for ECA evaluation in the education history for your other two degrees looks ominous. They may be expecting an ECA.

I would contact them asap! through the web form and get this changed.

But I have provided the ECA for my Masters degree in the Education History and that is in sync with what I entered in my initial experss entry profile pre ITA.

And since I am not claiming any points for bachelors and senior secondary, why do I have to enter ECA for that.

The only worrying part is is you entered senior and bachelors degree for which you have no ECA and you selected No. I would atleast contact CIC and ask them about this, or better, try to get application updated.

And since I am not claiming any points for bachelors and senior secondary, why do I have to enter ECA for that.

Then why did they ask for it. Read my earlier post, if they asked you to select Yes No for ECA might mean they are expecting it. It doesn’t make sense but that’s how the application is. You should try to follow up with them on this. Hopefully there won’t be an issue.

Can we just ask questions on the web form? Or the web form is just meant to request them to make updates to the application?

Do we have a email address to ask questions?

I have added my entire education and work exp in my personal history tab. So should I just ask them to delete the two entries (senior secondary and bachelors) from my Education history section? Do they even delete entries. I thought they just make updates to the application.

Yes I think you should ask them to delete the two education section entries. Also try calling them to talk to a person about this. I’m saying you need to do this because I read about this and based on my own experiences when my application had got canceled because I entered all degrees without the ECA for bachelors.

But I guess, you had entered the ECA’s for bachelors even during PRE ITA phase? may be thats why!!

Also, can you please provide the appropriate helpline contact number?

I don’t remember now that you brought up the post-ITA ECA “yes/no” question issue. :thinking:

I don’t want to scare you or give you wrong information, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

The only number they have is to call from within Canada.

So if I have to ask them any question, I should ask them via web form? or do we have any other means?

The only way I know is web form. It may be difficult to contact them from outside Canada. And even if you reach them, they’re not going to make changes to your application just because someone called them.

Thank you @avj for the responses.

Also one last question @avj , how long do they take to respond if we raise a request (or ask a question) via web form?

Never responded to me when I did address change request.

But do they make the change?

@avj What i meant was, did they make the address change, but did not respond to you via email?

Hi Arun,

I did the same as you did. Entered ‘No’ in ECA for bachelors. IRCC needs ECA for highest degree only. If the Bachelors degree wasn’t required to be entered in the Education History section, then why would they even have the ECA yes/no question. As you said, you are getting points for your Master’s degree. Adding Bachelors should have no effect as you are not misstating anything/counting extra points by selection No on ECA.

@sidmahajan Sid, did you submit your application? Did your application get approved?

I did submit my application. It’s in process right now. I read a few posts on Canadavisaforum and seems like others have also done this and not faced any problems.