Digital Photo In Bay Area

Can someone suggest any places for taking photo in Bay area for submission during ITA.


Search for some local photographers in Google.Any Professional photographer near your area should be able to take this.

i got it done from this place :

J Photo Center
3148 El Camino Real #101B, Santa Clara, CA 95051
(408) 735-7979

owner is super knowledgeable about everything including dimensions and stamps you need on the back of the photographs. i didn’t have to explain any single thing to him and he provided with super high quality photos at reasonable price.


I also had gone there. He even had a printout of the Canada spec letter. He was nice enough to even email me an electronic one

J Photo Center is the best for immigration/visa purposes if you are around Sunnyvale/Santa Clara area. If you are in the East Bay, I recommend “One Hour Foto Express” on Mowry Ave in Fremont. They are very knowledgeable about visa/immigration photo requirements as well.