Digital photo question post ITA

We have our ITA and need to submit all documents by next month
I had questions about the digital photo. We are in the US on the East coast and no one here will give digital copies of photos as per the specs given for Canadian PR. So after researching online, we got the photos for our family done at Walgreens, then we scanned them.
so after scanning, I had to do some basic editing like auto adjust the lighting in Photos on Mac and also had to cut out the extra shadow around the head using Preview. Also I changed the dpi to 600 DPI , so now the finally specs for the photos are:
JPEG image,
file size of 791kb
Image size : 3500x4500 pixels
Image DPI: 600 pixels per inch
Is this ok to upload? Are there any issues since I had to make the above changes to the scanned photo to adhere to the specification? Any help is appreciated on what people did for digital photos?


It is surprising to hear that there are no studios that will do Canadian PR specs in East coast. I found one here in Salt Lake City (they’re not cheap, $35 for 4 copies). They will do all the shadow removal etc for you and will also give you the stamp and all information at the back since CIC is very strict about these specs.

Check the dimensions in mm rather than pixels, it should say 50x70mm (portarit). If not, adjust.

The studio will photoshop it to remove shadow anyway, so I don’t know if it makes any difference who does it, you or the studio; as long as there’s nothing “shady” in there (pun intended) :laughing:

I honestly don’t know at what point they use these pics. I don’t remember exactly but had uploaded the ones according to the spec (Just the face not the back side text as I did not think that was important) during document submission. Then I also sent them two fresh hard copies during PPR since the uploaded photos were old now, and that worked out fine. I don’t know which one they used, the one I uploaded or one I sent to them during PPR. They never asked for any pictures during landing. Then I got a “photo not per specifications” two months after the landing was done so I had to send them fresh ones, that delayed my PR card by two months.

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Thanks @avj for the inputs.
If the studios make changes to remove shadow, it should be fine if I do it, so we will go ahead with these.

Have you tried this list. Are you near new york?