Do I add spouse work experience to EE profile if we're not claiming those points?


Do i need to enter work experience for my spouse as well though we are not claiming points for my spouse being secondary applicant …

please confirm…

Also Wednesday will be draw…so can I submit my profile tomorrow as well and still make t in the draw as long as we have score more than cutoff…right ?

Steps before submitting EE profile and Pre-ITA phase

If you’re not claiming points for it you may not add the work experience. If you get the ITA you will have to fill out the work history sections though.
And yes as soon as the profile is in the EE pool before the draw you can make it in the draw.


Hi Anshul - So is it okay to have discrepancy between EE profile and post-ITA work history section?

Please confirm if the following is correct.

  1. In EE, we should mention only what we can get points for (i.e., if we have experience letters for 3 years, we can omit rest of the work experience)
  2. Post-ITA work history should be complete. Don’t we need to provide any supporting documents for this?

Also, my wife worked in Pune and Bangalore for the same company and over the years held different progressive titles due to promotions. When she got her experience letter for GC processing, they mentioned only the last city (Bangalore) and last title. Would a similar experience letter suffice for PR or do we need both the locations and different titles to be mentioned with dates? Please confirm as it might not be easy to obtain.

  1. In EE creation, when it asks you the very first time about work experience that is when you should add the experience you are seeking points for (for 3 years for outside-Canada experience). I don’t remember all the webpages you encounter during EE creation but there should be “history” or “life-history” section, either in EE or post-ITA document submission where you have to specify, in contiguous time periods. what you did since high school or something like that. That is where you can add previous work experience. Or - in case they have changed the webpages since 2016 - there might be a “work experience” section (that counts towards points) and a “additional experience” section that does not count. People who have recently filled EE profile may be able to answer it better.

Also, keep in mind you don’t have to restrict it to 3 years. If you have experience letter that covers greater than 3 years that’s OK.

  1. You don’t need reference letters for work experience you aren’t claiming points for. In the post-ITA forms you will see only those many number of upload buttons for the number of work experiences/positions you claimed points for. So if I claim points for my work in companies A,B, and C, I will get three upload buttons for the relevant positions.

Your job title isn’t nearly as important as the job duties and responsibilities stated in the reference letter. If you have held more than one position but one of them is longest then you can add that relevant NOC code and ensure the letter has details for that position. Additional details for additional positions held can be included in the same letter as long as the ones for your selected NOC code are present. You should make sure the letter you have has the duties and responsibilities mentioned on it that match your NOC code (or select a different NOC code). Also note that letters addressed to the USCIS would probably not be OK. Keep them generic e.g. “To whom it may concern”, or “To the visa/immigration officer” (of no particular country).

Edit: Based on further research I think whom the letter is addressed to may or may not matter as I have read conflicting opinions on this. If you want to be on safe side get one addressed to noone in particular.


Yes, I am trying to obtain a new exp letter for PR. Will try to get it as detailed as possible and will take it from there. Thanks much for the clarifications.


@avj, others. We have been trying to get a detailed experience letter with all the positions and locations listed but have been hitting a wall. My wife has 4.2 years of experience in that company and she held 3 titles but they are ready to list only the last title held and the last location.

I am aware that roles and responsibilities are more important than title in determining the NOC code. But while filling the EE profile, they do ask for title with dates. If we mention only the last title as per the exp letter for all 4.2 years, would it be construed as misrepresentation? If yes, how should we handle this?

Also, if we list only the last location for the work experience, it would contradict with the personal history that we would have to fill during post ITA. Please let me know what can we do.


Hello folks. Could you please help me with my queries above?
@vik @avj @mrandmrs


Sorry, currently I’m at CVPR till Friday. Will answer your query asa I get some time.


I think a lot of companies do that, i.e. list only the latest role and give a letter based on that. Now I don’t know if it would be construed as misrepresentation if that is the company policy. I guess as long as they give the letter for the entire duration of her work and specify the roles and responsibilities for the last position held correctly, it might be alright.

If you have an email from them stating that the company policy states they can’t give a letter for the other titles/locations, just attach a copy of that email too. If it is possible to get a letter from a coworker stating all her titles/locations, you can use that along with the company’s reference letter. In the letter of explanation, you can explain the situation and that should be fine.

  1. Get the letters that states the company policy of not providing letter from all titles / positions held.
  2. Does your wife have any colleagues that can provide a supporting letters (does not need to be on company letter head or notarized). If yes, then get a letter from them in support of her positions
  3. Location should not matter if you have the letter support from the company.

In your case, I would include the following:

  1. Letter of Explanation: A letter from you explaining what all is included and that you have tried getting a letter from the company but were rejected.
  2. Letter / Email from Company: Company email rejecting the request for letter with all positions held
  3. Letter company provided: the company will provide a generic or limited letter include that
  4. Letter from Colleague: This will support all the other experiences and positions that you are claiming points for.

Hope this sheds some light on the process.


Thanks @mrandmrs and That helps a lot. So we’ll mention the actuals in EE profile/post ITA and will use letter of explanation and other supporting docs to explain whatever is missing/different in the experience letter.


Just to clarify, you can mention actual in EE, make changes in ITA, and see if your points remain above cut-off you can proceed.

What I was referring to was the work experience letters. If your company can only give for the last location / role, then get one from your colleagues for the prior ones.


They are mentioning the last title and location for the entire time with the company. So we would be able to get it for the entire period but it won’t be completely accurate.

So in this case also is it fine to mention the actuals and explain the discrepancies using LOE amd other supporting docs? Or should I fill EE as per the details in experience letter?


Hello All,

I was reading this thread and trying to answer some questions that I had.

I just received my ECA for my US Master’s degree and me and my wife’s IELTS test scores.

So, based on the above answers, while creating my EE profile (which I’m doing for the first time) I should just add:

  1. Only my Master’s degree under the education history section (I don’t have the ECA for my Bachelor’s degree).

  2. Not add my wife’s education or work history because we don’t have her ECA and work experience letter.

Is that correct?


You can add education for both and then a question will show up asking whether you have ECA for that education. This is where you can select ‘No’ for your Bachelor degree and for your wife’s degree(s) as well.


Thanks for the quick reply!

What about work history for my wife? It might be hard to get her employer letter.


You can skip entering her work history.