Do I have to land to CoPR City Of Destination

I received my CoPR and it says Vancouver as the City Of Dest since that is what I chose when I submitted my application. Is it ok if I land for the first time in Toronto instead? I did NOT apply via Provincial Nomination Program.


It doesn’t matter, you can land anywhere in Canada as long as you haven’t applied under the PNP program, also avoid landing in Quebec.


Hi, why do you recommend not landing in Quebec?

Quebec has its own immigration track separate from Federal PR.

Don’t land In Quebec unless you applied under Quebec immigration stream!

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I just want to provide a quick update about my recent landing (through land border).
Hopefully, someone will find this information helpful.

I think the city of destination in my CoPR is Toronto but did not go to Toronto for my landing.
This is where I went for my landing - through land border.

Name St. Stephen 3rd Bridge (231)
Region Atlantic Region
District Southern New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island
US Port Calais ME
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 367, St-Stephen NB E3L 2X3
Local Address: 20 St-Stephen Drive, St-Stephen NB E3L 0B5

The landing process was fairly smooth. The whole took about one hour. No major hiccups.

One difference I noticed was - the officer processing my application did not seem too familiar with the landing process. He had a lot of questions and he was asking his colleagues for help. They did help him with the process and we got through it successfully. The reason for this probably is (I am guessing because I don’t know the answer myself) - not too many people go through this land border to become a permanent resident. Personnel in international airports may be more familiar with the process since they would deal with applications like these on a daily basis.


My experience at Vancouver airport was unpleasant :slight_smile: It took me 5 hours to get out. So if you have a connecting flight via Vancouver, please be prepared for that much delay.

Hi @avj, are you sure about this?
I’m thinking of completing landing in Montreal since I live in Boston. Can you point me to where you read about it?

Afaik, Quebec (which has it’s own immigration track separate from rest of Canada) needs a QSC (Quebec selection certificate) to immigrate to Quebec. If you don’t have it CBSA may not let you land.

Even though CiC website does not explicitly ban landing in Quebec, everywhere I read people say the same thing, i.e. not to landing in Quebec with federal PR.

Ask yourself this: are you willing to risk your PR just because Montreal is closer to where you live, rather than land at the city mentioned on your CoPR?

Once you confirm your Federal PR you are free to move and work anywhere immediately (unless you are a PNP PR)

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