Do I have to leave my US job?

I have a great job here in US as a software engineer. But next year I will be applying for H1B and since it’s a lottery, I also wanna apply for Canadian PR. I have started preparing for IELTS. The only doubt I have is do I have to leave my job if I move to Canada? If my company allows me to work remotely, what arrangements are needed to receive salary from US?


It’s upto your company whether or not they allow such an arrangement. Microsoft routinely sends visa-problems-employees to Vancouver office. Other MNCs do the same.

If you are physically not located in US, you can act as a consultant (maybe open your consulting firm after landing) and your company will likely have to work with the accounting dept to set up consulting fees/payroll thingys. You have to talk to a tax guy to see where you will pay taxes (most likely pay US taxes and apply for credits with CRA is what I’ve heard).

To maintain your Canadian PR, you have to maintain days equivalent to 2 years in Canada.

My employer in the US, re-hired me as part of their Canada office while working remotely for the US team. I am salaried in Canada and pay taxes in Canada.