Do I need a travel visa to do a soft landing via air travel?

Hi all,

We are a family of three ( me, my husband and a US born toddler) planning to a soft landing via air. Our CoPR is valid until the end of October this year. Should we get a travel visa before the soft landing? Are there any other formalities that need to be done prior to planning our soft landing?

Thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts.

Your question doesn’t really make sense, why would you need a visa if you already have a COPR.
If you’re a citizen of a country that normally needs a visa to enter Canada then along with your COPR you would have submitted your passport too and in your passport they would have stamped a one time use immigrant visa to enter Canada as an immigrant.
If you’re a citizen of a country whose citizens don’t need a visa to enter Canada then you can simply show up at a point of entry with just your COPR.

Also there’s no such thing as a soft landing, when you land in Canada then you become a landed immigrant aka a Permanent Resident, whether you choose to head straight back is totally upto you.

Yes, it did not make sense to us either, but one of our friends’ who recently did the soft landing via air travel said this was the process (get a visa before travel), hence our confusion.

Thanks again.

The visa is a one time visa that is stamped on your passport along with the COPR document. So you’ll need both the visa and the copr documents to enter Canada