Do Indian students need visa/eTA apart from the study permit?


I wrote earlier about going to Canada as a Student. I have an offer of admission from the Concordia University, Montreal. I need a CAQ (Quebec Acceptance Certificate) and only when I have it, I can apply for my Study Permit. As of now, I am waiting for the CAQ that I applied for, on April 26th.

I understand that I will apply for my Study Permit as soon as I get my CAQ. IRCC will issue a Letter of Introduction and I will get my Study Permit at the port of entry to Canada. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Do I also need an eTA/ visa before leaving India or is it issued at the port of entry? Do I need to have my passport stamped before leaving India? I have a pre-departure guide from the Concordia University. It advises to have the offer of admission and the passport stamped at the immigration office when entering Canada. Does it mean I need to get it done here in India?

If someone has experience of entering Canada as a student then please guide me on this.

Thank you for helping.