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I have just joined the said community and I am in the process of availing Canada PR. Have been preparing for the IELTS and have gone through the discussion thread on the same and seems very helpful so thanks a lot. My main concern is getting the documents ( and PGDMS) attested from University of Mumbai. I have requested my cousin to get it done by visiting in person, but last time when he visited, he was told to visit different campus and so on, he still plans to visit one of the offices in university campus. Having said that, I would request here in this forum to shed some light if anyone has recently or in the past completed the said attestation (whom to contact in UoM) peacefully and have mailed documents to WES in Canada, or is there any other trusted source online from whom we can get it done. Assistance is highly appreciated.

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Saurabh O

Please make sure the transcripts follow WES guidelines.

I sent my documents recently and WES accepted them.

Hello Aditya,

Thank you for the response. I know this process of sending the documents to WES, my question or rather discussion was more into checking on the process of getting the documents attested from UoM, if anyone has recently or has done in the past year or so.

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Saurabh O

Hi Saurabh,

I am currently getting my transcripts from University of Mumbai as well. I am getting them through They are expensive if you compare them to getting the transcripts by yourself but since I didn’t want to inconvenience my parents, I took this approach. So far my experience has been alright. I feel they are a little slow and the communication is just okay. It might vary from agent to agent though.

I had to scan and email all the marksheet copies, an authorization letter, an application letter and an ID proof to MailTranscripts. They have submitted my application to the university and the ETA for receiving the transcripts is 15 days for the university and then some additional time for mailing. They have the option to send the documents directly to WES if you want. I have however asked them to deliver them to me since I need to add my US transcripts to the package before sending.

10 years ago when I got my transcripts from University of Mumbai, I had gone in person. I had to get transcripts from my college first and then take those along with the originals to some university office near Churchgate (I don’t know the exact address now but I think it was called Vidyapeeth Vidyarthi Bhavan and it was a stone’s throw from the Churchgate Station). It had its own bureaucracy; they had specific application drop-off times and a very short transcript pickup window back then. I don’t know if things have improved now.

If your cousin has the time for it, it might be better to get the transcripts in person otherwise you can check out MailTranscripts. Hope this helps!


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Hello Veena,

Sorry for the much much delay in responding. But thanks for shedding some light on the discussion. So finally it seems like I will be getting my attested and signed transcripts from cousin for which he did visit UoM. Let us see how it goes, now the only portion left is IELTS for which preparations are underway.

So my question to all here, once I have scores ready, WES evaluation ready, eligible to get in express entry, what is the next step? Will I be getting an ITA from canadian government?

Hi Saurabh,

Yeah, I guess that would be the next step. All the best! :slight_smile:

@mrandmrs This is very helpful, do you know how much mailtranscripts charges for transcripts requests?

@mrandmrs can you provide more details on mailTranscripts service? I tried putting in all details and they were asking for 4 transcripts minimum with 1500 rupees for each transcript and on top of that they are charging 2100 rupees to send them to WES and 1800 rupees to post them to USA address.

I just wanted to check with someone who has used this service that 4 is the minimum number of transcripts that we need to order as it’s expensive service and am looking at around 11000 rupees for getting transcripts.

Please share if you have any thoughts on this.

Hi @Adoshi,

When I had applied, there was no “4 transcripts” minimum. Either they have changed their policy now or it might be dependent on which university you are applying from. They are definitely more expensive than what it would cost you to do it in person but it is an option if you can’t go personally or have anyone else to go and get your transcripts.