Document verification: did anyone hire a lawfirm?


Would like to know if anyone hired a law firm to do document verification? If so, can you share the details of the law firm and what they charge?

Some additional context:
I have been displaced from US for the last 11 months, came to India for my first H1 stamping and was issued a 221g followed by the pandemic and presidential proclamation. So i don’t want to take any chances with the CA PR process.

would appreciate if you have anything to share on this. thanks.
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Most of the people here would advocate a self service approach to the PR process.

If you do indeed choose to use a consultant, be sure to check if they’re IRCC certified

That way at least you’ll avoid the most unscrupulous operators.

@panditji Thanks for the prompt response. I’d rather choose a lawyer instead of a Consultant :slight_smile:

By all means, but do note that lawyers typically don’t do menial tasks like document verification. It’s assigned to a paralegal at a law firm at best.

The link I shared earlier also has links to Law Societies in each of the provinces, as long as the lawyer you interact is a member of the Bar of any one of the states, you should be fine.

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EE PR process doesn’t usually require any document verification (notarization etc). If there’s any document in particular you are worried about please feel free to elaborate.


sure, my I797 COS petition was approved in Aug 2019. I visited India for H1 stamping in Dec 2019 and was issued a 221G, it hasn’t been resolved till date despite providing all the requested documentation from our end. So I have been working remotely for the last 10 months.

I am not sure as to what I must answer for the following questions

  1. Has xyz been refused refugee status, or an immigrant or permanent resident visa (including a Certificat de sélection du Québec (CSQ) or application to the Provincial nominee Program) or visitor or temporary resident visa, to Canada or any other country? (required)
  2. Has xyz been ever been refused a visa or permit, denied entry or ordered to leave Canada or any other country? (required)

Should i breakdown my work history into two items to reflect that I am currently working remotely? Would that affect my EE eligibility? Thanks in advance.

You have not yet been denied entry/refused visa so technically the answer is NO. If you want to disclose 221g, you can elaborate on that in the letter of explanation. I doubt it will affect the PR processing since visas get denied all the time.

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Thank you!