Documents checklist

Hello community!
I have received my ITA and received a document checklist. Amongst those, there is

  1. Letter of Employment
  2. Offer of Employment

I am attaching the definitions provided. Anybody else received these 2 documents in your checklist? If so, did you submit 2 different docs or just one?

Did you claim the 50 points for arranged employment? The above 2 documents are only needed if you claimed that you have a job offer in Canada and added 50 points for it.

yes that is correct!

  1. Offer of employment : This is where you upload your new offer of employment/reference letter from your employer confirming they will continue to emloy you for at least 1 year after you receive your PR.
    I created a PDF with my offer of employment, employment reference letter, past and current work permits and uploaded it.

  2. Letter of employment : This is almost same as your employment reference letter confirming your roles, responsibilities, salary details, designation, company address, tenure with the company etc.
    I just uploaded the same employment reference letter here.

Yes, for me as well, the offer of employment had all the details asked in the letter of employment. So I was wondering if it was ok to upload the same letter in both sections. Seems like you did the same!