Documents/Forms to be filled for Sponsoring Spouse for PR and Open Work Permit


I am a permanent resident of Canada. I got married this month and I want to sponsor my wife for the same. She has the Canadian tourist visa approved. My plan is to start the sponsorship process for spouse already in Canada so that I can add open work permit to it. I am doing so by following the guide and documents given on the website. I am not sure what all forms to fill apart from
IMM1344(for both applicant and sponsor)
IMM0008(for the applicant)
IMM5532(Sponsor and applicant both)
IMM5710(Open work permit form I think)
eIMM5669(applicant) This is background check results from India and countries you stayed more than 6 months

The checklist form (IMM5533)shows lots of documents that are causing confusion.

I have attached the link and list of documents shown on the link. Please do let me know if I am missing more. Any insights would be really helpful.


The sponsor must fill out and sign (if applicable) these forms:

The person(s) being sponsored must fill out and sign (if applicable) these forms: