Documents necessary to be picked up while in the US / How to follow up after leaving the US

Hi all,

Thanks for the great community. I am in the process of taking IELTS and Education Assessment after being done with these two, I will create my EE profile.

My US visa will be expiring in couple of month, I was wondering if there is any documents/letters/embassy document necessary to be picked up before moving out of US? Please let me know.

Also can I follow up on my EE profile and rest of process outside of the US? Is there any issue with applying for EE while inside US and then leave and just follow up online?


You can complete EE process from anywhere. Try to get your FBI clearance and Indian PCC check done (if you are staying for more than two weeks and are confident you will get your passport back in time else do it in India). If you are going to show funds in USD get the bank letter if possible.

@avj Thank you for the quick reply. Is the two weeks basically the time needed for the FBI clearance? Is this online? Good suggestion on the bank letter also, thank you.

I am Iranian but I don’t think if the procedure would be any different, except that I need to get my police certificate and rest of docs from Iran embassy or from back home.


FBI clearance reportedly takes a day or so I hear. I think it’s online; others on this forum have done it recently.

I’m not sure what’s the procedure for Iran. For Indian embassy it took about two weeks to get the PCC. However it may be too tight depending on when you are leaving.