Documents needed for Soft Landing @ Peace Bridge - Buffalo, NY

Hi Guys,

I am planning on doing soft landing at Peace Bridge in Buffalo, New York. I am planning on completing soft landing and make a u-turn right away.
Can anyone suggest the list of documents needed for doing soft landing in Canada and re-entering in USA using AVR.

Do I need to do COVID testing? And if yes, then which one?

Thanks in advance.

Hello, wanted to check were you able to successfully complete soft landing process at peace bridge ? We are planning to but confused by the new information that they wont allow soft landings.

Not yet… where did you read about no soft landing?

In the IRCC website it says, applicants with valid COPR, have to come to Canada to settle Permanently. That means no such thing like Softlandings are allowed is what they meant.

But in our case, we came to Toronto last week. My husband have valid H1 visa , with expiry date next year. He is also not sure if he can travel back to US with out getting stamping from any US embassy’s here in Canada as its been only a week? Please let us know if you have information on that. So, he can plan to travel back to US as it was only short stay in the Canada

Do you have any updates ? Did you make the travel ?

Hi @gajjar.aashir,

Yes. I completed my soft landing and everything was smooth and easy.

Documents need:

  • Passport
  • COPR
  • GTF List
  • COVID results