Does a stamped COPR confirm PR status or do you actually need a physical PR card to confirm PR status

Hi All,

We completed our soft landing in March 2020 and got our signed COPR.We haven’t received our physical PR cards as yet (its been close to 3 months since our soft landing).I am assuming the delay is due to the current pandemic.

As per my understanding a stamped COPR confirms our Canadian PR status and we don’t need a physical PR unless we are planning to travel to Canada.Is my assumption correct ? Can a delay in a physical PR card put or status in jeopardy in anyway?

Should I be doing anything? or just wait patiently for our card?


Congratulations, you you made it! Your PR status begins when you complete the “landing” activity. The stamped COPR is only used as a document to validate your PR status by the border agency (until your actual PR card arrives). Should you lose your PR card, you can apply for a new one (or PRTD, if you’re outside Canada). Just check with immigration Canada to understand the delay in processing your cards - to be sure that they aren’t awaiting any action from your end.

And do familiarize yourself with the residency and other requirements for maintaining your PR status.

thanks a lot!I checked the website, the current processing time for the PR card is 113 days. Other than the webform, is there any other way to check for the delay?

Hi Can you please help me in Checking the status of PR card online?