Does Location of work shall be included in Work experience letter


Hi guys. I have seen your reply’s in other topics and i wanted to ask you a question. I am employed by an Indian IT consulting firm in the US and my physical work location is not the location where my employer’s business is located. I work at client sites and my paystubs also have an address of mine some where near to the client location. Should the physical work location/Client names be included in the work experience letter?

That is not necessary. As long as the work location stated matches your company’s address, it should be fine. You don’t need to provide client locations.

My physical work location does not match with my employers business location as I work as a consultant at client locations. For example, my employer may be operating out of Texas and I am currently providing services as a Software developer in New york for some “x” client.

Since the work experience letter will be issued by my employer who is based out of texas, should he be mentioning about my physical work location in NY since my payroll is run for my address in NY? Am asking this question since we will be using paystubs as a proof to satisfy the work experience

I was in the same situation for a previous employer. They just provided their location and not the location of all the clients and that worked. I did not submit any pay stubs for that employer (since they are optional) so may be it wasn’t an issue for me.