Does my wife who recently arrived in the US need FBI clearance and her ECA?

Hello and all other members,

Me and my wife are trying to get Canada PR through Express Entry. We went through some of the posts, but still we have some doubts.

My Profile:
Age: 28
Education : M.S. in Electrical Engineering from Texas A & M University , B.E. in Instrumentation and Control Engineering from Pune University
Experience: 4-5 years ( 2.5 years in India and 2 years in US)
My Visa Type : F1 OPT (till June 2019)
Wife Visa Type : F2 (dependent)

My Wife’s Profile:
Age: 27
Education : B.E. in Computer Science from Pune University
Experience: 5 Years as Software testing and Developer

  1. My wife came in USA after marriage in Feb 2018. Since she’s been here in USA for more than one month, does she need to go through FBI police clearance process?
  2. Will she need Official transcript from Pune university?
  3. What other process which we can do simultaneously until we get IELTS Exam’s results (June 2018)? Can you guide us for the entire process according to our profile as above?
  4. How can I get Fingerprints on card ? Do I need to go some law firms or Govt Office?

I checked CRC calculator, it shows around 420 points (I did not calculated with my Wife’s IELTS Score) . I believe, it’s enough for us to get PR.

Looking for expert advice.

Thank you.

  1. Even if your wife has been here for only a month, by the time you submit the final documents it’ll probably be 6 months already, given how far off in the future people are getting IELTS spots. Apparently getting FBI clearance has become easier recently due to online process so might as well get it as soon as you get ITA. If it’s not been 6 months when you submit the final docs just don’t submit the FBI report. And even if you do it’s not going to negatively affect the application.

  2. Adding accompanying spouse to application reduces points unless spouse has IELTS and ECAs done. The transcript will be needed for her ECAs.

  3. Check New Member Guide - Read Me First and similar threads they should have all the info.

  4. FBI process is now online apparently. When I did mine in 2016 I bought an inkpad and did it myself.


Thank you Anshul for your quick response and I am sorry for Late Reply, I was on Project Site for last few days.
2. Yes I am gonna apply PR application with her IELTS and ECA. But she does not have official transcripts from Pune University. That’s why I am wondering, how can I generate ECAS for her.

  1. Yes I saw procedure for FBI Finger Print Report and last week we sent applications for both of us.

  2. My New Question is, If I get PR and I wanted to work as Free-Lancer. Am I allowed to do that in Canada ?

Thank you .

Once you are PR you can work wherever you want in Canada.

If you want to add your wife’s bachelors ECA (if she doesn’t have masters) you’ll need to get official transcripts mailed directly from Univ to the assessment agency.

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Hi all. I have Masters from US (and ECA for it) and Bachelors from India (no ECA). I understand from previous posts that in EE profile i should add only the masters in the ‘education history’ and add the bachelors later in ‘additional information’. My wife has a master’s from here too but i didn’t realize i would need ECA for that to be added into her ‘education history’. Both of us have IELTS though.

#1 If i choose to not add her master’s degree info into the form, how many points would we lose ? And can i still add her IELTS score ?

#2 If i apply for ECA for her now, it looks like the allowed time on the EE profile would run out (9 days remaining). Is there a penalty for that ? Would this be worth the delay of a month ?

Any advice on whether I should choose #1 or #2 ? Thanks.

First thing, have you used the CRS points calculator do you know what your score is? You can claim extra points if you spouse provides an ECA or takes the IELTS. For your spouses MS you would get 10 extra points. I would recommend submitting your profile and adding in the ECA later if needed as it will only give you more points not less.


Thanks for the tips . I checked the score looks like 464 without her ECA. I didn’t know I could make changes after submitting the profile, but it makes sense.

Note that if you are on H1B in US there are restrictions about working for employers other than the H1B sponsorer.

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If you had submitted prior to today you would have already got your ITA in todays draw. It’s important to not delay the process. 464 is a very high score.

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Should have kept a closer eye on the dates. Lesson learned…

Don’t worry about it. You’ll get it in the next draw for sure I don’t see any wild upwards swings in the scores happening anytime soon.