Does the author of the movnorth movement himself have a stable job in toronto?

I checked his linkedin profile and did not see where he worked in toronto.

Wow, the insinuation on this question is so crass. Also, this is a community website which essentially crowd sources information for people to read on and educate themselves, this would barely count as a movement.


Listen guys, I am a naturalised veteran canadian citizen who wants to give you a completely different perspective which may sound sour to many new aspirants moving to canada. Getting a PR in canada is relatively easy when compared to the US. But the real challenge is to get a decent paying job upon arriving to canada. Perhaps the tech scene is hotting up, may be that applies only to hardcore techies from silicon valley who believe in startups. But i don’t see a lot of potential employment opportunities in mainstream canadian workforce for new immigrants.

@markj701, if jobs are your concern, lot of people moving from the US are transferring their US jobs to Canadian branches or working remotely. In essence they are bringing a job along with them and paying taxes in Canada… I think this is good for Canada. Also, since they now live in Canada they buy goods and services here and thus increasing economic activity and improving the Canadian economy. Its a win-win.

Firstly its perfectly legal to work on h1b from Canada as long as taxes are not being evaded. H1b does not require you to be present onsite. Not really sure what you are trying to convey in this forum. So then what do you think is the solution for those who dont want to wait decades for GC, dont want stress during h1b extensions, dont want RFEs, dont want their spouses to lose jobs, dont want stress during layoffs and dont want headaches during h1b transfer and lastly do not want to go back to their home country and want to live in a developed country? Let us know the solution please.

I wouldn’t comment much on the other topics going on this thread and don’t know the founder of this community personally, but one thing that could answer the poster’s original question :

May be that was the reason/motivation to move to Canada: to not work anywhere , but to work for him/her self and have the freedom to do it. It is very much possible in BayArea too, but we all know the frustrations/risks involved in that. Plus a simple search on how many startups have materialized into meaningful success coming from H1Bs v/s non-H1Bs (Green Card, US citizens) should provide an objective answer.

@markj701, H1B is only required for a person to work inside the US, its a work visa. If you are outside the US, only thing that matters is if you have the right to work in the country you are residing - PR, citizen etc. US companies can pay people outside the country for work they are doing, how else do you think offshoring works? They can be contractors or branch employees or some other business.

H1B visa does allow you to work offsite, as long as you stay within the US. You don’t have to necessarily be onsite at all times. But imagine a situation where you have a US H1B visa and a Canada PR/work permit and then it creates a problem at the border. The CBP officer is going to question you this : a) How long were you gone away from the US ? b) where do you live and work in the US ?
Now the Americans are really tightening all their loopholes and all your movements can be tracked on their online i-94 website.

@markj701, when I mentioned working remotely, I meant people who have permanently moved to Canada working remotely from here. What you are talking about is people who commute often between US and Canada- those are indeed quite different scenarios. Are you currently on H1B commuting between US and Canada? From what I hear consulting related jobs in Canada are not as big as in the US so I can understand if one has to commute and all the frustration that comes with it. Also, in consulting you ought to meet your clients once in a while, so you would have to travel one way or the other.

I would answer this thread in two topics since multiple different discussions are going on here

  1. To the author of this question, I am not sure what you are trying to hint at or scare people out of. I see your pressing concern is about people finding a decent paying job in Canada. I hope you realize this forum MovNorth is targeted for people who are in US, presumable techies, who made their way to US, been living here for a while and can work their way north easily to find (if not high paying ) atleast decent paying jobs.

  2. I somehow get a feeling you are concerned about the sudden influx of immigrants into Canada. Just to be clear this is not the forum to raise those concerns. Please direct them to the right place. I have been traveling to Canada for the last 12 years and have seen people abuse the immigrant policies since forever, coming in on PR and then working odd jobs to make ends meet. That’s the story for every first world country where immigration is open. Again this forum is not of people who are planning to do odd jobs in Canada,

  3. For everyone else, I would not recommend getting into specifics about if H-1b is allowed from Canada, CBP officer asking questions. I trust everyone in this forum is smart enough to figure those things before making a big move to Canada and not argue with one person on the specifics.


All three are pertinent points.
Well, I wish good luck for all those who wish to move to Canada and make it their new home.

Please make sure you see plenty of youtube videos (both pros and cons) on how to get a decent job in canada before making the move. Just saying.

Thanks for your concern. That’s what we are doing in this forum. hope you can give some info !

@markj701 I’m the person you’re referring to in the title. I’m doing fine, thanks for your concern. If you wish to share more about your background and experience then I can try and make this answer more useful to you. To make it fair for everyone reading this thread the software shows your location as in the US not in Canada.

I’m going to assume your question was if I managed to find work in Canada. Yes, I was Dir. of Product for a Canadian startup. I have since been working on a couple of my own startups and they are doing fine.

Due to my involvement with MOV North I know that every tech startup here is hiring for design, engineering, product, marketing and sales.


I have worked in tech industry far long time, looking at this initiative and site interaction , i am sure… authors is super talented… you are amazing author!!!

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