Does US experience count in Canada?

Does anyone have a practical insight if US experience specially in tech industry is acknowledged in Canada ?
Do you have to start from scratch or 10 years US experience will have you considered for the same jobs as their Canadian counterparts ?

Knock knock…anyone ??

Yes, tech experience applies almost anywhere in the world. In fact US tech experience could command a higher title as it’s in many cases more extensive. Tech covers a lot so not sure which part you are referring to but for the most part ReactJS, Java or Dev Ops experience is the same world over.


Yes I meant tech experience related to IT industry . I read somewhere ( Canadian employers look for “Canadian experience” and for a lot of fields, people need to start from scratch until they have some years of experience. I wasn’t sure if that applies to technology as well.

There is a lot of very simplistic answers across the internet for everything from medicine to travel. The worst part is that people forget that the world is not black and white its many many shades of gray and other colors. What I’m trying to say is that it’s subjective and localized. I personally know a lot of people who’ve moved to Canada and none who has been held back by this “Canadian Experience” thing. But that could also be because most people I know have moved here from the US, have solid work experience working for large international companies or have degrees.

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Yeah I agree completely. I was hoping to hear this from people like urself who have actually been through this boat and can provide a clear picture.

I too came across a lot of posts on Quora and elsewhere about job unavailability to well-educated and experienced people. It creates a panic in our minds even before we have tried to look for jobs.

I came across one poster who mentioned that usually it is the people who have had bad experiences who take to reviewing a situation than ones who have had good experiences. And I thought it held true to some extent. I, myself, usually don’t review anything unless it was exceptionally good so expecting all the people who had good/satisfactory experiences to answer these questions might be asking for too much.

Ever since I read that poster’s answer, I have tried to stop panicking about what will happen once we start looking for jobs. Of course, the worry doesn’t go away completely :slight_smile:

“Canadian experience” is just a joker card for rejecting applicants whom the employer thinks will not fit into the role or work culture. US tech experience is definitely a plus since your work ethics is presumably stronger in a field that is booming in Canada. If your US education/work exp is solid there’s no reason why you will not fit in Canada. Physical location may play a role in determining the number of interviews you get. It’s similar to getting a job in the US.

As others have pointed out, people get PR so easily they presume getting job will be easy as well. But then they have neither the education nor the experience that is respected in Canada and they end up writing their stories on Quora.