Drivers license records from Texas for BC

I have moved back to B.C. after living in Texas for two years and I am trying to get my BC drivers license and they want a record of driving which I paid online and printed however they don’t accept that. Only want fax from the government of Texas or mail which they don’t mail to Canada. Does anyone know if ther is a way to have them fax over a copy of my drivers record from Texas to BC? They are Ning very difficult and I can’t get the Texas department on the phone. Thanks

I moved to Ontario from texas and they readily accepted the driving record with the receipt copy here.
Did you try in just one center in BC , sometimes trying in a different center/representative helps at least in ontario, as different employees interpret the law differently. If the law specifically says that you need it mailed from Texas to them, you have no option. Ask them where does the law says that.

Thanks for your reply. I did go to two centres and even called them. It’s been a nightmare! And I have no way of having them fax or mail to them! As they don’t mail to Canada and no one answer phone calls in Texas. Only by email

Hello, I was in same scenario like you when I moved. After applying for online copy, I have contacted support via email ( and provided them with the FAX number from BC and they have faxed my drivers license record. It took almost 45 days for this process. I kept calling BC office, once they confirmed they got the fax , I went and got my license. Good Luck!

Here is the support link below

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Hi, where in Ontario you got ur license transferred, meaning which Driver center. I am moving from Texas to Ontario so wanted to know which Driver center in ON accepted your application. Thanks!

The one I went to was in South Markham, and unfortunately that one is closed now (probably due to COVID), but I dont see it in the list of drivetest centers.
You could try the one in scarborough or mississauga.

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+1 for the Mississauga center, I did mine there and I submitted my TX, GA, PA driving extracts and got my G license

I am new to Vancouver BC and currently am having to go through this process. What a chore!