Driving record from Texas to BC

I moved from US to Vancouver. I lived in California for 2 years and before that, I was in Texas. I went to ICBC to exchange my license, but they did not accept the online proof of my driving history that I got from Texas. They asked me to get the Texas authorities to fax the record to them. I got it faxed, twice, on 8/22 and again 8/30. Both the times the ICBC said that they did not receive the fax. I don’t know what to do from here. Texas says they will not fax anything again a third time, and that I should request a record through post / mail. But I am already in Canada and the Texas authorities will not mail anything to Canada. Has anyone been in this situation? Is there a way I can check why ICBC is not receiving the faxes or is there any way to check what happened to the previous faxes?

Can you get it via post to one of your friends in Texas by giving their address, and then they can post it to you in Canada?
I got the same way from California DMV. The whole cycle takes 3-4 weeks but it is easier to track this way.

Regarding the faxes, it is like he said, she said. There is hardly anything else you can do which you are not doing as of now.

Thanks a lot! Maybe I will have to do that. It’s frustrating that Ontario accepts the online DMV report from Texas but BC does not. I would hope they have similar standards. I guess I wait for the post to come now.