ECA for indian bachelor of engineering degree

I am in the process of initiating ECA and planning to go for WES given it’s processing time is less and had question.

My wife has done her Engineering from India and it’s 10+ years of graduation and so it’s not very easy to get Transcripts from college, is it possible to send photo copy of all Mark sheets and Degree Certificate to WES and get ECA or it would not be possible?

Any other option given my situation to get Wife ECA done?

Last year when I applied the transcript had to be sent sealed directly to the assessing agency from the Indian university. I don’t know if that has changed, but if it hasn’t they won’t process the ECA application without the transcript.

If you want to be safe and want to do this in one shot, I would recommend - especially if you are in the US - to go/have someone go to the Indian university and request to send the transcripts directly to ALL evaluating agencies (WES, BCIT, Univ of Toronto, etc.), so that you can decide later which agency you want to go for. Will cost you more money in INR but might save you a few months. Atleast that’s what I would do.

I am in US and don’t have anyone back to go in person for transcripts and so trying to figure out what to do.

We had some education evaluation in us based on marksheets and Degree certificate but not sure if WES would accept that.

I think specifically for immigration purposes the agencies need transcripts direct from univ to them (WES might be exception since someone pointed out they are OK with it). Better call and ask the agencies concerned.

I agree it’s a pain but someone in India you know or you personally will have to do the legwork (unless your university offers an online solution like US universities do) if that’s what the agencies need. I had to ask my parents to do it (the usual bureaucracy, challan and bank and back and what not involved). Check if there are any “agents” available in India that do this for you. Every university in India will have a different requirement and I had to send my marksheets, degree certificate, “affadavit”, and application forms via email and my parents had to print and take it along.

Check this Document Attestation

@avj I have sealed envelop of the transcripts of my wife, which we prepared during her Master’s application. I believe we can send them to WES for evaluation. Right?? On their website, its written we can send it.

I don’t know for sure. Are they OK with transcripts that old? Best call them and confirm

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Okay. Let me check with them.