ECA from IQAS- need Help

Hi Mates, Kindly Advise.!!!

I am planning to send my transcripts to IQAS for ECA and filled details in the IQAS portal. I did my B.Sc. (3 years from Calicut University) + MBA (2 Years from Bharathiar University Distance education program). My question here is, Do I need to send transcripts for both my bachelors and masters or only MBA is enough.? In the CIC website and IQAS portal it says that only highest degree is enough for ECA. I am afraid if I do not show bachelors degree in the “education history tab” will it create any point deduction or any other implications at later stage (Post ITA).? if I consider sending transcripts for my bachelors, it will cost me another 20K and lead to further time delay in getting the ECA report as well. I am really worried. Could anyone please guide especially any senior folks.

Appreciate all your help and support !!!