ECA : Transcripts for Degree


I need help to know If I can directly send my Sealed Transcript provided by my Institution to the ECA authorities as my Institution does not mail transcripts directly. They just hand over to the applicant or authorized person.

I saw that WES and others need transcripts to come directly from the institution. Did someone use CES as I read that applicants can also forward the sealed transcripts based on what they say in their website. Any help would be really appreciated

Hi @violethill727373,
I used WES and you can certainly send the sealed transcript envelope that you’ll get from university to WES by yourself.

Thanks, do you mind telling me when did you use WES. Asking because they have a policy change on their website effective from Dec 1st 2018 which states that for India Education evaluation, the sealed transcripts needs to be mailed directly from the institution who awarded it.

I got my ECA in Sept2018.


My friend recently asked the same question to his univeristy and they said that just send the sealed envelope that he gets as it is and don’t mention anywhere your name or address.

I did my ECA from WES in oct 2018, even though I had sent the sealed envelope, in my ECA report it is written that “Documents were directly sent by the institution”

WES asked few people to re send the documents directly from University after Dec1.
If you are yet to send documents, check with your university to mail them directly to WES

Hi @violethill727373 - Did you find an alternative? I’m looking for options too.

Is there anything to be done while I wait for ECA report ? I have a valid IELTS score and have gotten started with the express entry profile.