Educational Evaluation for Married Couples

I am Bachelors in Technology and Primary Applicant would definitely need Educational Evaluation.

2 questions here -

  1. How about my spouse who is secondary applicant, she is Bachelor of Commerce and Master of Business Administration?
  2. Does that mean I have to create 2 WES Profiles?
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An ECA for spouse is not required but if you do it then you will get extra points. Considering your wife has a masters degree it will help your application.

Only the highest degree matters and should be submitted to WES not any previous ones in your wife’s case its her masters degree.

Yes you will need to create two profiles and have two separate reference numbers.
WES Canada - There are no joint applications.

Hello ,

My wife has B.Tech and M.E.In your answer I get that we need to get ECA only for her masters.But do we need to get transcript from her Indian University for both Bachelors and Masters or only Masters will be enough?

This is what WES says on their required documents page.

For applicants submitting a Master’s Degree or PGDip (12+3+2) for evaluation. For all applicants submitting a Master’s Degree or PGDip earned on top of a three-year Bachelor’s Degree (12+3+2), you must also provide your Bachelor’s degree documents. WES cannot complete an evaluation without these documents.

Also for Mumbai, Goa and Gujart universities there are some specific instructions.

WES Required Documents

On side note you can check her’s and your degree equivalency with this WES tool for free.

Degree Equivalency Tool

Hi ,

I recently joined this community and wanted to clarify a few things on this thread.

I am a BE (India) and an MBA (US) on an H1B in the US and my wife is a BHon(3 year, India) and MCA (3 year, India) on an H4 with me.

We are going to apply to EE with ‘Software Manager’ as my NOC.

Below are my questions:

Q1) Do I need to get just my MBA degree evaluated through WES?

Q2) I understand that my wife’s degree evaluation is not mandatory. Do you have any idea on how many points we will lose if we forgo my wife’s degree evaluation?

We’ve both given IELTS and are waiting for our scores.


  1. You need highest degree evaluated (either from WES or any designated agency) to get maximum points.
  2. If your spouse is “accompanying” you on PR (meaning she gets PR same time you do), then not having her highest education evaluated will reduce your points, whereas having an ECA for spouse will likely increase your points. Usually people report having lost 10 points or so.

Thanks for the quick response Anshul! We’re thinking of applying to EE together without getting my wife’s degrees evaluated. If we get an invitation to apply and subsequently get a PR, my wife’s unevaluated degrees should not cause her to lose any employment opportunities, right? She has 7 years of IT work experience from India, and we were hoping that it could help her both in CIC and when trying to find a job in Canada.

ECAs have no implications in job search and are only for the PR process. Once you are a PR you are PR and all that matters is your skill sets for the employer. These two are independent.

As @avj mentioned, the job search will not be affected by your PR application’s educational evaluation. Since your wife has a Master’s degree, it might actually be beneficial for you to get her degree evaluated as well before submitting your profile as you will get additional points, especially if your CRS score is close to or less than the recent cutoff scores. Check the difference in points in the CRS calculator when you add her experience and without it.

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Our current CRS score without my wife’s degree evaluation seems to be 470. Since this is higher than most recent CRS scores and it’s going to be quite a hassle getting her Indian Bachelors and Masters degrees verified (both from Govt. universities), we are thinking of applying without her degree verification. I have heard that the actual CRS score can be lesser than what you estimate, so will need to verify what our actual CRS ends up being.

Have you added her as accompanying but without ECAs? If so then 470 is pretty damn good and you should run with it for now.

Hi Anshul, yes I selected that she’s accompanying me and for her education I selected ‘None’. She has taken IELTS and got an overall 7, which I selected too. I’m using the following link for evaluating my CRS score:

The CRS score is usually pretty close to the actual score after EE submission. I think you should submit asap and wait for the next draw.

I have accumulated enough points without my wife’s ECA to go apply. Would i need her ECA for the application process if not for point accumulation. What did you end up doing in your case

Sorry for the late reply @ashwinr07. We applied without doing my wife’s ECA.

If you have enough points you don’t need her ECA = you don’t need to submit it during profile submission nor during final application.