EE Application marital status


Hello guys,

I have my ILETS score as 7778 and I have Masters from US. My CRS score comes out to be 475.

I am getting married in few months. I want to start the EE application sooner. Is it okay to apply now as a single applicant and adding my spouse later once I get ITA? Or is it better to complete the application as single candidate and invite my spouse once I am in Canada?
Which of the two options should I go for?



Once you submit your application. While processing your application, If there are any changes you have to inform the CIC about the change.
If you apply as a married before receiving ITA, your CRS points are recalculated.

You can add your spouse after AOR.


Better apply now and get the ITA sooner rather than later. After/during submission, inform CIC if marital status changes. Given your points and the cutoff, the recomputation shouldn’t matter as the difference is significant and all should be well.
If it isn’t, try adding your wife’s qualifications as well.