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Hello guys,

I have my ILETS score as 7778 and I have Masters from US. My CRS score comes out to be 475.

I am getting married in few months. I want to start the EE application sooner. Is it okay to apply now as a single applicant and adding my spouse later once I get ITA? Or is it better to complete the application as single candidate and invite my spouse once I am in Canada?
Which of the two options should I go for?


Once you submit your application. While processing your application, If there are any changes you have to inform the CIC about the change.
If you apply as a married before receiving ITA, your CRS points are recalculated.

You can add your spouse after AOR.

Better apply now and get the ITA sooner rather than later. After/during submission, inform CIC if marital status changes. Given your points and the cutoff, the recomputation shouldn’t matter as the difference is significant and all should be well.
If it isn’t, try adding your wife’s qualifications as well.


Thanks @mapleleaf and @avj for your suggestions.

I have two questions-
How long does it take to get the PR card after ITA? I looking for a rough timeline because if my marital status changes while waiting for PR card, can I still update my application?

For employment letters, do these need to have latest date? I have my current job description letter dated few months ago which was used for perm application. Can I use the same letter?

Thanks a lot…

After ITA you wont get PR Card. You will get visa stamp request. Once you enter canada, after 1-2 months you will receive your PR.
The timeline from ITA to Visa stamping is varies, but IRCC says 80% of applications will be completed in 6 months.
I added my spouse after AOR and my application took 8 months to get PPR.
Better to have current employment letter latest, others can be old.

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Refer to @mapleleaf s answer regarding PR card timeline.
For employment letters, if you can get fresh letters that’s always good. But in some cases you may have old letters that have all the details in them and they can also suffice.

Can I know what is the process of adding spouse after AOR? My application shows medical passed and requested for my biometrics. Thank you.

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you can order gcms notes to check the status of your application
you can order gcms notes from

You have to inform IRCC when your status changes.


I got my ITA on Dec. 9th 2020 and my marital status was “Single” at that time. However, my marital situation has changed recently as I got married on Feb. 1st 2021 and my spouse will not be accompanying me at the moment and so my current points for eligibility remains unchanged. When I amend my details to my application to include my Spouse details I’m being asked to submit her details such as Police Certificate, Medical Exam etc. However, the deadline to submit my application is 10th Mar. 2021. I don’t think I would be able to get my Spouse’s Police Certificate before my application deadline since we just recently got married. Please advise what’s the best possible way to seek an extension for submission of my Spouse’s documents.