EE profile ineligible after review

I recieved an message in my account that my EE profile was reviewed and got rejected. I have no clue why it happened. My crs was low 384 only. For funds I put 19093 as mentioned on their site for family of 3(including the applicant).
Should I increase the funds ?
or I messed up my NOCs.
Started as a software engineer in 2005 (NOC2173). Was doing applicatio. programming till 2014 hence again the same NOC, switched to web programming so used NOC2174 and finally for past 2+years I am a associate consultant doing hands on client interactions, architecting things so NOC2171.

Can someone guide me to what precautions to be kept in mind when creating my new EE profile ?

Did it happen preITA or post ? If pre, shouldn’t need to worry much , you can always create a new one with safer details in terms of money and NOC code …

What was your FSW score out of 100, it also needs to be >= 67 to be eligible…


Thank you so much. So I understand that many people faced this issue.
I do have another query though. For the question " Have you applied for IRCC before ? What should be my answer? since my profile got rejected pre-ITA.
If I say “yes” then it asks for if applied for express entry before and the express entry file number.

The answer would be No.