EE profile when passport about to expire


Hi everyone,

I’m about ready to start building my EE profile as my IELTS results should be available in a few weeks. I understand that passport is an indispensable part of the profile, but unfortunately my current passport is going to expire in August 2018. I’ve made an appointment for renewing my passport and I anticipate receiving my new passport by the end of March.

I would prefer to start applying through EE as soon as I have received my IELTS scores, however, I would also want to avoid as much trouble as possible since I may be required to provide additional paperwork later on to support why I used two documents (passports)?

What would you suggest? Should I pursue the EE profile as soon as I’m ready and be prepared to go through additional paperwork after I’ve got my new passport, or should I just wait to receive my new passport so as to save potential confusion and trouble?

Thanks so much!


Good question: You might get the PR within 8 months from start to end if you apply now, PR visa and all that. So I would recommend not using old passport to get PR stamp since the PR visa is valid till your medical is valid, or your passport expires, whichever comes first.
That being said, I would call the CIC and get this answered since you need to add your passport info in EE profile.
Irrespective of what they say, I would start collecting documents and use the current passport for everything else (ECA, FBI clearance, and all that) since these documents are not tied to your passport (i.e., I don’t think they have the passport number or any passport-specific info written on it; you just have to upload them once you get them). Assuming you have all your documents in order, say, by March when you get your passport and create your profile, your ITA to documents submission should take 2-4 weeks tops I would presume so you’re still good.


Can you apply for a “Tatkal Passport” I remember using that service a while back got mine in 3 days.


Thank you both for sharing your insight. I will look into options.


Hi all,

I’m circling back on this topic as I’ve found something useful on the official website:

Basically, folks facing a similar dilemma can go ahead and create their EE profile using the existing passport. If you have received your new passport before ITA, you will be able to update your EE profile. If, however, you have received ITA before getting a new passport, though your EE profile is no longer editable, you will just need to make sure to reflect this legitimate change in your application for PR. Feel free to take a look at the following quotes from the above-mentioned website pertinent to this topic.

"Candidates’ Express Entry profile is automatically “locked” when they are issued an ITA. Candidates can only revise their profile information if they formally decline the ITA through their online account; however, their information may be updated in their APR.”

“Where there is a change in circumstance and the candidate goes forward with submitting an APR, the candidate must ensure that the change in circumstance is properly reflected in their APR (i.e., the candidate must amend the information that was automatically transferred from their profile to their APR before submitting their application).”


There’s a way to fill out a form on the CIC (it’s like an enquiry form where you might be able to change the passport information. I changed my address after document submission and had used this form for updating the address on my file.