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I have a lot of confusion regarding spouse’s role in my EE application. Basically my wife has a Bachelor in Engineering from India, but she is not currently working in US , nor does she have any Work experience. By adding her points for her degree and IELTS, I dont think it makes a lot of difference to my application. So few questions are

  1. Should I get her BE degree from India also verified by WES?
  2. Should I still get her to give her IELTS? Currently I am getting a date at the end of March which is far away. My date is within next 30 days.
  3. For FBI clearance, police verification do I need to get those things done for her as well?

If I just want her to have a PR and not be the primary applicant with me, what all should I get related to her stuff.


You need to add all your family members on the application or else they won’t get a PR. Between your wife and you the one with the chance of getting a higher CRS score should be the principal applicant.

WES and IELTS are optional for all expect the principal applicant. However getting your spouse to take the IELTS and certifying their education though WES will you can claim extra points for them.

If you are selected from the pool (You have enough points 400+ as of now) to continue the PR process then you will need police clearances but not for the initial application.

You and your wife will need to get police clarences from every country where you have lived for more than 6 months. If she has not lived in the US then she does not need FBI clearance.

Thanks a lot @anon25417004. This group has by far been the best resource. All the answers are prompt and complete. I have initiated my WES verification, FBI clearance and IELTS prep with the help of all the useful resources here.

Can anyone point me to a link for initiating police verification from India

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Did you mean while you are in India or for India? If it was the latter then just goto the nearest Indian consulate and I went to the one in SF and got my clearance in about 3 days. If you are currently in India then this is what I could dig up.

For residents of Punjab: You can apply to your local Senior Superintendent of Police, or the senior ranking police official at the police station in your district.

For residents of Delhi: You can apply at your local district police station or online on the Delhi Police website. The website will list what information and documents you need. If you apply online, your certificate will be returned to you electronically.

For residents of other states: You can apply at your local district police station.

For all residents of India: You can apply for a Police Clearance Certificate from the Passport office on the Passport India website. The website will list what information and documents you need.

Yes I meant for India. I am in Bay area now. I could not find a way to initiate this online on the Consulate website. I’ll go to the consulate then.