EE work experience letter

Hi All, I have work experience in India for 1.5 years from Feb 2017 to April 2018 as an Online chat representative. After I left the company, the name of the position has been changed to Customer experience specialist. However none of the titles are included in NOC list. After a research I found that NOC 6221- Technical Sales Specialist matches the job responsibilities.

So my queries are:

  1. My employer refused to state my position as Technical sales specialist directly in letter, rather than that HR mentioned ‘Customer Experience Specialist equivalent to Technical sales specialist’. Will this create any issue?

  2. Also, HR said they can not mention all duties that listed on NOC, but they included duties and responsibilities on their own words. I hear that job duties must match 80% to NOC duties. Will this be okay?

  3. All my pay stubs says the job title as ‘Online chat representative’ but now they change the position name to Customer experience specialist and HR won’t issue me new pay stubs. Will this be fine?

These are the duties HR mentioned in my Letter.

• Chat on program assigned for 100% of the log in time
• Achieve the campaign KPI consistently
• Inform current and prospective customers of current promotions and new or upgraded products
• Respond to queries, solicit further sales, and solve or refer problems
• Build strong relationships with team leader
• Be open and responsive to consistent coaching l, take an active role in performance planning and goal setting
• Acts as a role model at all times, adhere to high ethical standards
• Takes responsibility and initiative to develop core skills and competencies

Are these duties sufficient to prove that it is under NOC 6221?