Employer Change after ITA

I am in the Express Entry pool, hopefully, I will get an ITA soon, however, I am also in mid of a job negotiation and there is a good chance I may be quitting the company I am working for at the moment. My present company (let’s call it 123 Inc.) is presently stated as my current job on my EE profile (no job end date stated). I am concerned about the following -

  • If I get an ITA while still employed at 123 Inc (present company) but before submitting all my documents I resign from it (notice time or join new company), so do I need to update this in my EE profile? Will I be able to change job details in my EE Profile after ITA? Will making changes affect my ITA?

At present, combining all my early work experience I have 42 months (more than 3 years) of work experience so even if I quit it doesn’t affect my work experience duration required. I am just concerned about the misrepresentation aspect and how I shall deal with it should a situation as this arises in the future.