Employer letters for spouse needed?

Hello ,

My husband is the principal applicant and he is required to upload his employer letter in the PR application.
Since I had also put my work history in the ITA application , the system is asking me to upload my employer letters for Pr application as well.
I don’t think that the spouse gets any points for their non-canadian work experience.
Should I now provide my letters or can I just delete my work history from the application. I know that i am anyway required to give those details in the ‘personal history’. Would It create a problem if my work details in ITA application and PR application are different ?

If you scored points for your work experience you are supposed to submit the proof (reference letter). If not, then it shouldn’t be a problem. Check your online profile or ITA letter to see if it mentions points for various sections of EE profile.

Thanks a lot.

Also, it states that we need to provide the compensation details (salary plus benefits) in the employer letter. I am not sure how much detail do they require about the benefits. I can ask my employer to include the annual salary, but how do i include the various benefits (medical,401K,PF, etc.) for all the multiple positions held.
Could you please guide.