Employer refused to mention few details in LOR

Hello Seniors,

I am writing again for another query for which I am skeptical about. One of my old employer has refused to mention details like passport number and different salaries drawn at different positions in my previous employment.

As we all know CIC requires all these information to be mentioned on the LOR, could you please help with what could be done here.

Many Thanks

It’s been 2 years since I applied (2018), so things might have changed. But the letter from my employer (manager) only contained information such as job title, 40 hrs per week and NOC related job responsibilities. I attached paystubs to show the salary. My manager wouldn’t even know what my salary was - only hr and accounting had access to that.

I understand,. however I do not have all my salary stubs from that employment. Would attaching all I have help my case. Also what about the passport number. Does that need to be on the letter

I did not include my passport number either.

Yeah, attach a few pay stubs or even income tax report if you have it. I read some posts where people were attaching offer letters too, in case you have it.

Thanks a lot for answering the question. Really helped a lot

Passport number :open_mouth: Why did you even think that it is needed in a experience letter?

I found a sample letter online which had a passport number mentioned on that. So I was wondering if it is an important information that needed to be included in the reference letter.