Employment History: Intra Company Transfer

Hi All,

I am asking for a friend.

He worked in US for company A, then moved with same company A to Canada (Intra Company transfer - On Work Permit without LMIA). He is currently in Canada and is planning to apply for PR under Express Entry. Under the employment history section should he just put in single record with all history or separate records for US and Canadian experience ?

P.S: He is not planning to claim points for Canadian Experience.

Depends if he is going to provide a single employment reference letter or one for each location.
I would say he should provide it as two different as with each employment, one needs to provide the location of work. If its a temporary deputation then its ok otherwise if its a permanent transfer including the payroll, tax jurisdiction then two separate employment letters makes sense.

If he adds two employment entries while filling EE profile he’ll need two letters. If he had two managers in two very different departments etc, two NOCs etc, then it makes sense to split it up.
If he has worked for a year in Canada I believe he can claim points under CEC.

Thanks bhu and avj,

He is continuing to work under same manager and for same team (as that of US) , but in Canada. Work responsibilities are same.

Is it ok to put in as single experience and justify the same in client documentation (thats uploaded last) ?

Thanks for raising this question. I do have similar doubts, any response to this from the experts would be appreciated.

Also, @mharsha91, is there a reason your friend doesn’t want to use CEC points? Assuming he doesn’t want to notify or let the current employer in the US know about the move, right?