ePR got rejected for PCC document submitted already

Dear friends,
I am devastated that after so much hard work collecting the documents and applying for ePR , got rejection letter from CIC with below text in the letter stating the INDIA PCC was not provided.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has reviewed your application for permanent residence. We have determined that your application does not meet the requirements of a complete application as described in sections 10 and 12.01 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations. Your application is rejected for being incomplete.
o The Police certificate from INDIA was not provided. This document is required based on address/background history for XXXXXX, XXXXXXX from 2011/XX/XX to 2012/XX/XX. It appears she resided six months or more in a row in that country.
NOTE: You did not provide a letter of explanation and proof of submission for this Police Certificate.
Note: A full review of your application was not performed.

But I uploaded my wife’s Indian PCC that I got from Chicago US Consulate. Please see the attached screen below from my application. I don’t know what to do now… Creating a fresh EE profile waiting for ITA and getting latest docs all over again is going to be very hard I put so much effort already for this middle of work. Even If I do so , what is the gurantee it wont be rejected again since as far as I know I submitted the PCC from both India and USA correctly …

My wife is living in USA from March 2012 and India prior to that. So we got the USA FBI certificate and Indian PCC from Chicago Consulate. Do we have to get some PCC from Indian Police station too? Please advice as I am not sure which PCC they are expecting. If the docs I submitted for PCC are correct, Can i try appeal process? OR mail CIC through this form https://secure.cic.gc.ca/enquiries-renseignements/canada-case-cas-eng.aspx?_ga=2.234462302.1731213060.1533144923-24595420.1524671198

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I think there might have been some misunderstanding. I think they might not have checked the documents correctly. I do think you should contact CIC and clarify their response.

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Thanks for your response Vignesh … I have couple of questions

  1. For NRI s in USA , just the Indian PCC from Indian Consulate (in our case Chicago) will suffice right? Or should we get from India too if we were in India for more than 6 months in the last 10 year?

  2. So is the CSE link below the only way to contact them?


Looks like the Phone No they gave is Canada only 1-888-242-2100 (in Canada only). I am in US so cant contact them in that number

Yes, that’s all that is required. The PCC from Indian embassy. Nothing from India.


If you had obtained Indian PCC for both of you and submitted both the documents correctly then this might have been an error from CIC. How long ago did you get the PCC? You should submit a request with CIC regarding this.

Rest assured that even if you had to do EE and ITA again, this rejection would not have any negative effect on that application. My application was also rejected at first because I stupidly did not submit an ECA.

Also, you don’t have to get all the docs all over again. You can use almost all the docs you have. Except maybe get a more recent proof of funds etc.

The link you provided is the correct one.

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Hi Vignesh / Anshul - Thanks again for your time and reply … Really can’t thank you guys enough who take time out of your personal time and respond to such queries … especially at times like these !!

I have a good update, Got a message from CIC that it was administrative error and the letter was sent wrongly yesterday stating that the account was closed. It is reopened now and we are continuing to review the account" My application status changed from closed to submitted again now.

My biggest concern after getting the previous letter was “If I missed to get any PCC from an Indian Police station. But CIC s PCC requirement page clearly indicates, for Indian Citizens who reside outside India should get PCC from nearest consulate … Period !” … Thank God it was an admin error and they reopned the case … It was a total shocker yesterday … Feel much better now after the second letter …


Wow that was quick! Congratulations. I’m sure it will be fine from now on.


Really happy for you! All the best


Good to know they fixed it. Having met all requirements I think the outcome will be positive. Did they respond on their own, or was their note a response to your email?

This is great news. Did you need to raise a Case Specific Enquiry or did they fix it on their own?

Hi Anshul, did they reject your application because you didn’t do an ECA or is it because you didn’t upload the scan?

I din’t do the ECA for bachelors because I thought ECA for PhD and Masters was enough.

My wife has a US MBA, Indian MBA and Indian Bachelors. When we did ECA with WES, they just asked details of US MBA and we did just that.

Will that be a problem?

Hi Anshul

I have only applied for my US Masters ECA, are u saying Bachelors ECA is also required ?


Ask WES. There have been instances where they have requested UG transcript.

No, only your highest degree gives you points. You need to provide ECA only for the degrees you mentioned in EE profile submission. I had submitted all 3 degrees not knowing this therefore they expected 3 ECAs which I didn’t have.


Thank you Anshul,Vignesh,Arun,@eap … They responded on their own just the next day as a status update in my CIC account …

Thats great news. How did you get in touch with CIC to address this issue ?

thats good… i would say it is a relief for you and us everybody…

But don’t they ask for the entire educational history even if we want to claim points only for the highest degree?