Exact steps and documents needed after ITA


I mean checked just now in the morning…and it says now " You passed the medical exam."


Were you notified about the update or you just happened to check it today?


i did not get any email but yeah i just logged in to the account online and saw the update


Ok. Thanks. Will see if I receive something in the next couple of days.



For scheduling the medical exam, I have been asked what category (Student, Visitor or Worker) is it for ?

Anybody else get this question ? What did you guys select ??


I just mentioned the reason as Canadian immigration. There were no categories specified for us.


Thanks. I tried it the next day and it worked. They didn’t ask for the category.


Guys… I have a quick question. I have submitted my application with Xerox copy of my birth certificate but not original. I scanned the Xerox copy only as I don’t have the original with me. And it’s purely a black and white image… Would that matter or do I need to procure the original, scan and send thru CSE? My aor is Nov 2nd and my medicals are passed. I am in ip1 since Dec 4th…


Shouldn’t matter . Did the question say upload colored copies ?


Unfortunately no idea bcz our consultant does everything for us…


Don’t worry , you should be fine . Btw, why do you need to upload birth certificate ? As far as I remember , it is only required for dependent kids not for primary applicant or spouse .


Ya read that online later :grinning: