Exact steps and documents needed after ITA


On getting ITA, can you please confirm if these are next steps or i missed any…

  1. Apply PCC from Indian Consulate
  2. Get Fingerprints and submit to FBI
  3. Get experience letters
  4. Write letter of explaination
  5. Get proof of funds letters from banks
  6. Scan marriage certificates+birth cerificates+passports+education certificates
  7. Upload all above documents + IELTS TRF + ECAs
  8. Submit the profile within 90 days from ITA

Do I need to get medicals before accepting ITA or can do after submitting all docs from above?

I am asking all this because I am expecting ITA in the next draw as soon as I get ECAs for us this month…So, I want to start all the processes for all the things possible like PCC, FBI verification etc.

I got my invitation to apply for PR (ITA)

ECA+Degree certificates+transcript if you have them as one PDF.

All experience letters for one company as one PDF. One PDF per work experience item.

You can get medical after accepting ITA and upload the receipt for final submission.


Thanks…sorry I meant before or after submitting all the documents (except medical)…
Or is application can not be submitted without medical


Application cannot be submitted without the receipt of the medical test. You would also need your digital photo. I have provided a list of documents on this thread: