Exact steps and documents needed after ITA

On getting ITA, can you please confirm if these are next steps or i missed any…

  1. Apply PCC from Indian Consulate
  2. Get Fingerprints and submit to FBI
  3. Get experience letters
  4. Write letter of explaination
  5. Get proof of funds letters from banks
  6. Scan marriage certificates+birth cerificates+passports+education certificates
  7. Upload all above documents + IELTS TRF + ECAs
  8. Submit the profile within 90 days from ITA

Do I need to get medicals before accepting ITA or can do after submitting all docs from above?

I am asking all this because I am expecting ITA in the next draw as soon as I get ECAs for us this month…So, I want to start all the processes for all the things possible like PCC, FBI verification etc.


ECA+Degree certificates+transcript if you have them as one PDF.

All experience letters for one company as one PDF. One PDF per work experience item.

You can get medical after accepting ITA and upload the receipt for final submission.

Thanks…sorry I meant before or after submitting all the documents (except medical)…
Or is application can not be submitted without medical

Application cannot be submitted without the receipt of the medical test. You would also need your digital photo. I have provided a list of documents on this thread:


hi guys…

for this question “Have you listed all of periods of military service or government positions (if any), and all of the organizations that belongs to (if any)? (required)”

is this only if we are related to military or govt ? so should i choose “Not Applicable”
what about second part “organizations”, is that also militart or govt or they mean any company like working with IT company??

For child’s personal history inside Family section it says:

“Please tell us about XXXXXXXX immediate family members that have not been identified in the application”

So we keep this section blank …RIght? because both his parents are on this application as main and secondary applicants…

If yes and we don’t add anything here, then what abt answer to this question…
“Have you told us about all of XXXXXXXXs relatives? (required)”

I think it should be Yes … Correct or not?

Can you please post a screenshot of these? I think we selected Not Applicable for the first one but I don’t know/recall what the second question is.

I am not sure since I didn’t have to fill this out for a child but just check if the names of grandparents is expected as immediate relatives. If it’s just the parents and siblings that they are expecting then you are good. In that case the answer would be ‘Yes’.

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Guys. Does it matter how do i list history for Travel, Address and Work?

Each entry is added to a table on the page…

Top - Most Recent
Bottom - Oldest


Top - Oldest
Bottom - Most Recent

I mean chronological order or reverse chronological order ?

I don’t think it matters since they don’t mention it anywhere in the application.

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Guys do you what to do when parents don’t have a last name in their passports…
in personal family section it is asked to fill family members details who are immediate members like parents, spouse and brother sister…

so there, should i enter “NA” in first name and put full name in “Last name” in this case for parents?

Put full name as last name and leave the given name field as blank. I did the same while filling EE profile and even though given name was marked as required, it accepted blank.

I got the instructions from faq on official cic site. Will try to provide link if I can find it again.

Edit: Found the link

I tried it already… But for parents name (family members page)… it did not accept blank… so for now i saved with NA in “First name” and keeping actual name in “Last name”

I tried it already… But for parents name (family members page)… it did not accept blank… so for now i saved with NA in “First name” and keeping actual name in “Last name”

Check whether it accepts a space instead of just leaving it blank. I don’t know whether NA would be considered as not applicable. If the space character is not accepted, try reaching out to CIC before submitting your profile.

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Guys… We submitted application about 16-17 days ago and still have not received any update:
I read earlier that first step after submission is update to medical results and usually medical results are updated in 13-14 days… So is there any thing to worry or how many days we have to wait for first update…

Currently it shows this:
“Review of medical results You do not need a medical exam. We will send you a message if this changes.”

thanks …

In similar situation. No updates so far. Submitted about 3 weeks ago.

I mentioned this earlier but I’ll repeat: my first update came after 2.5 - 3 months when it changed to “medical passed”. If nothing happens for 4-6 months then it’s probably OK to contact them. Don’t rely on the status updates in online account because they may not reflect the real status of your application.

Oh ok. Thanks for this information…
I remembered others saying an update after first two weeks…but either i forgot or missed to read your case about update after 2.5-3 months…

This atleast tells us that it is not a proper process… :slight_smile:

Guys… I got the update today or probably yesterday… I mean checked just now in the morning…

Review of medical results You passed the medical exam.

One ques… Does it mean medical is passed for me as well as dependents?