Exchange expired US driver’s license


We will be moving to Calgary shortly from US.

Our current US drivers license will be expiring( visa expiry) before we move to Canada.

Is it possible for us to exchange US driver’s license to Canada driver’s license after expiry?

What are the exact documents needed for driver’s license?

When I try to get the driving history from my state website. There are several options.

Should we get the complete driving history( Type 3A )or the abstract record of the driving history( Type AR)?


Check with your licensing authority in the destination province. BC allows exchange of expired licenses.

If you’ve never held a licence in B.C. before, your out of province licence is expired over three years and you cannot provide proof you have been driving on a valid licence anywhere in the last three years, you will be required to take a knowledge test and a road test.

So as long as the license wasn’t expired for 3 years, you should be able to skip the road test here, check what the requirements are for Alberta. As for the abstract, I have no idea what state you’re from but in general you should get a certified abstract of your full driving history (avoid printouts or screenshots if at all possible).

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Thank you…. Will try to contact Alberta centre