Experience Letters for Spouse and not the Primary applicant


Do we need to submit experience letter for the spouse even if he/she is not the primary applicant post ITA? When the document list is generated post ITA,they also ask for the employment letters in the same format as the primary applicant.Is it okay to just submit the experience letter which may not be in the prescribed format alongwth W2’s and payslips for the spouse?


If you are claiming experience for your dependent spouse, you will need to provide experience letters for them as well. These need to mention their roles and responsibilities in their workplace and should be on the company’s letterhead. Pay stubs are optional.

If the company declines from providing the letter, you can attach the email and mention about it in the letter of explanation. If you can get it from a colleague, you can mention about that in the LoE too. If the prescribed letter is not available, attach whatever documents you have for the company showing your role/responsibilities and explain it in the LoE.

If you are submitting your EE profile without mentioning your spouse’s work and if you get ITA then you won’t have to submit experience letters for them.