Expired COPR -- How to initiate any movement from IRCC

Hello all,

I have a COPR which was issued pre-March 2020 and expired in September 2020. I wrote to IRCC via webform in June 2020 and told them I couldn’t travel because of COVID.

Since then, I haven’t received any communication – no “ready to travel” email, no 4 pointer email, no request for re-meds. My application status is still Approved and my COPR details only show expired.

How should I proceed to get my COPR renewed? Should I send a webform?

The FAQs on IRCC tell me to wait but it’s been a while and I’m not sure if they’ve forgotten to get in touch or something else.

Any help is appreciated. If anyone is in the same situation, please chime in!


I am in the exact same situation myself and signed up on this forum to seek an answer to the exact same query. I reached out to IRCC via the generic webform they have expressing my interest to go to Canada now and what steps do I need to follow to renew my COPR and I received an email response from them 3 weeks later (on 9th April 2021) saying:

“We verified the information you provided regarding your readiness to travel and settle in Canada and have forwarded it to the responsible office.
They will contact you if further information is required or if a decision is made on your application.”

But it seems like a generic reply that many others have also received, so I’m not sure whether or not to consider this as any “progress”.
I hope you are having better luck than me on this.

When covid hit there was information on Canada.ca about how you can contact IRCC and they will “freeze” (snooze for 60 days) your application if you cannot travel before COPR/PR Visa expiry and will “unfreeze” (bring up for review again) your application if/when you are ready to travel.

New update says they will contact you and you should not be contacting IRCC: Permanent residence: COVID-19 program delivery - Canada.ca

I am interested to see if anyone has had success re-issuing COPR/PR visa after they contacted IRCC

Hey there guys, I just wanted to share an update with you:
I received an email on the 19th of April from IRCC with the subject “Do you still want to immigrate to Canada? Application #xxxxxxx”.
I am being asked to confirm my interest by replying to that email in a format that they have included in the email. I have 10 days to reply to them. In the email it has been mentioned that if I do not say yes this time, then I’ll need to start the whole process again. After I reply, they will tell me when to re-take my medical test and check if a renewal of other documents (PCC, etc) are required. After they tell me to take the medical fitness test, I’ll be given 30 days to submit my medical fitness to them. Meanwhile they will also issue me a new visa with a new expiry date (duration unknown) and I’d need to travel before the expiry of this new visa.

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Yeah, same thing happened with me. I’ve gotten the medical request now.

hey ameha, how long did you wait after sending the reply and before getting medical request. Coz I’ve sent my confirmation reply and haven’t received anything yet. Thanks in advance.