Express-Entry- Govnt Job Bank- Looking for a job in Canada

As a candidate eligible for Express Entry, I want to increase my score by trying to have a job offer in Canada. Here are my questions while going about this process.

  1. When can I start using the job bank at the Government website? (
    It asks for Express Entry profile number and job seeker validation code. All I have right now is only a personal reference number that proves eligibility for Express Entry (using the online tool). I got this number as rough evaluation of my credentials to see if it was worthwhile pursuing this course before registering for IELTS and getting other paperwork together. I have yet to complete my IELTS and get documents evaluated. Can I only get into the Job bank system once I have the final numbers?

  2. When I try to apply for jobs through external sources such as LinkedIn, most employers ask a question about eligibility which is not clear to me. This is how it is worded.

"Are you eligible to work in this country or countries in which this position is located without employer sponsorship? " Answer choices: Yes/ No

To me this sounds like a “No” because as of now, I do not have authorization to work in Canada, and No is a safer bet. However, eligibility can be different than authorization because I am eligible to work in Canada based on my Express entry candidacy but I am not yet legally authorized to work. What are your thoughts and how do you handle this question?

  1. Does paid/unpaid research assistantship or voluntary work related to the job, count toward work experience?

  2. Any pointers to Canadian-style resumes and cover letters that have helped get an interview call are appreciated!

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For me, the job bank website was no different than indeed or dice or any of the N number of job search engines. It should send you an email asking you to enroll in the job bank website as a part of your EE entry profile creation/immediately after that.

"Are you eligible to work in this country or countries in which this position is located without employer sponsorship? " Answer choices: Yes/ No
No, you are not

CIC website states that the job should be full time, so your RA experience might not be added (I had >4 years of RA/TA experience where I was getting paid but I did not add that). I’m not sure about unpaid work. Remember that whatever full time experience you add you need to provide the NOC code and reference letters from employers for that.
Canadian-style is similar to US style.

Sounds good! Thanks for clarifying.

One question on this regard, if I find a job in Canada, does the employer still need to go through the LIMA process?
I guess it is waived currently, but some forums still say, that getting a job offer in Canada without a PR or work permit (in my case living in the USA) is not easy, as the companies have to justify that they are not able to find local talents and hence going out of Canada to recruit talent, which is a tough process.

Can you please shed some light on this please?